Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Blue Moon

I have joined up with Supal again this month for another round of Art to Inspiration!  :-)  Art to Inspiration is a movement that Supal has created where each month she chooses an artist's work, sends out a newsletter with the piece's information, and we are to let it inspire us and write a post about it!  We can do whatever we want -- form a recipe, find pretty pictures, take our own pictures...really, the sky's the limit.  :-)  It's really fun, and I love opening that e-mail once a month and getting to see a new piece of art that is just so beautiful.

September Art to Inspiration
Title: Hello Blue Moon
Artist: Lani Trock

When I first saw this piece, I was instantly drawn to the moody black and blue color palette.  I remember the days when I thought that black and blue could not appear together -- in fact, it was one of those things where it looked like one had put them together on accident, even in a purposeful case -- but now, I find it completely lovely.  :-)  I decided to find some interiors that use this color palette to make a room sing!

Pretty, yes?  :-)  If you would like to join in on the Art to Inspiration fun, head over here to sign up!  And be sure to check out Supal's Facebook Fan Page later this week to see what all of the other bloggers came up with!

What do you think of this color palette?  Are you a fan?  Not-so-much?



  1. Its one of my favorite color palettes. I liked how they combined the colors on the bathroom picture.

  2. I think it definitely depends on the shade of blue you use. If using a gray blue I think it looks much better because gray has a bit of black already in it, so it works well with black if the blue is grayish :)

    Nice examples.


    p.s. I love your wedding post at HumberHome :)

  3. What beautiful blue spaces!! Especially that kitchen!

  4. Really like the deep blue, it reminds me of the sea ;) Xx

  5. Adore this! For me, there is no colour that calms me more than blue (grey also often has the same effect).

    1. Yes, Meghan -- I completely agree! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


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