Friday, July 27, 2012

Poppy Neutral Kitchens

Happy Friday, loves!  :-)  I hope this post finds you well, and I wish you a great day heading into the weekend!  Today we're going to take a look at neutral kitchens with *pops* of color.  Of all of the possibilities when it comes to kitchen design, this is probably my favorite, and it is definitely the style that I wish to implement upon my dream kitchen someday.  For now, I just love looking at pictures of my favorite spaces and figuring out what I love about 'em!  

We're startin' out with a bang!  ;-)  Chalky gray cabinets, creamy marble countertops, shine from the hardware and glitzy drum shade lamps -- perfectly styled with some fresh bright flowers.  Love.

I adore this all-white space.  Like, really love.  Subway tile, white marble countertops with gorgeous flecks of gray; neutral accents include baskets and dishes.  Color is brought in with books, flowers, and select dishes.  An effortlessly lovely space!

Here is another all-white kitchen with a gray accent wall by the window.  There are some beautiful shiny elements -- the stand mixer, hardware, and the hanging lantern.  Some lovely gray is brought in by that amazing stove; and color comes from that adorable roman shade as well as delicious-looking produce on the counter.  Warmer tones emanate from the chairs and that amazing flooring.  And don't you just love the built-in shelving by the stove?  *Gah!!*

A white kitchen with chalky gray chairs, interesting textures, and a light pop of glossy green from the pendant lamps.

Ohhh my gosh.  Love this one!  Neutral cabinets, gleaming white counters, and pops of brilliant blue, sweet lime green, and sherbet orange.  SWOON-WORTHY!

This kitchen offers a very subdued, natural color palette -- and I love that!  Subway tile -- yum.  Farmhouse sink -- yes, please!  Color is brought in with purples, slight blues, and warm copper.

A neutral-white and light gray color palette is mixed with lustrous silvers, while color is attained through littered fresh produce.  Beauty!

This color palette is mute, but speaks volumes.  White and gray mingle with both soft and deep blues, vibrant maroon, delightful yellow, and a pop of warmth from the tray.  This reminds me of the Young House Love kitchen!

I love this kitchen.  Whites and blues, that gorgeous farmhouse sink, pops of color from the flowers, and the different hardware that is used -- creating a perfectly imperfect look!

This kitchen is really one of my favorites.  Light cabinets and dark countertops create such an interesting contrast.  Black pops of 'color' as well as tangerine, cheery yellow, and lovable shades of green ground this somewhat masculine space, making it sweet.  :-)

What do you think of this type of design for a kitchen?  Are you a fan? 

Which is your favorite?  


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Tablescapes

Hey, there.  :-)

Thanks for bearing with me in my absence this week -- my bestest friend was in town, so I wanted to devote as much time as I could to her.  We had a great time, and I'm so glad that I got to spend as much time with her as I did!

Today we're talking summer tablescapes.  Table-setting is an art that I am still learning. Being creative while setting a functional table is something that my mom is really good at, and I remember watching her set the table for fancier occasions while I was growing up and loving all of the thought that she put into it.  We're going to take a look at summer table settings this morning, but I'm excited at the prospect of re-introducing this post idea for the other seasons of the year!  :-)

In this setting, I love the hot pink table runner mixed with the neutral element of the burlap tablecloth, and pretty flowers in mason jars.

White slip-covered chairs, icy blue vases, and sea creatures abound -- a perfect beachy setting.

A lovely string of lights accents this adorable table, adorned with red lanterns and a pretty quit tablecloth.

Bright poppy red mixes with gold glitz and crystal stemware in this beautiful setting.

Simple wood folding chairs, happy-colored flowers, beer and wine -- the perfect elements for a casual party, yet still keeping with adorable elements.

I love this setting for its sweetly-dyed mason jars, vintage-inspired mismatched place mats, and cutesy, colorful pendant banner.

Funky green lanterns, flowers in repurposed cans, floral table linens -- to me, this setting screams summer!

In this setting, lovely milky white dishes, blue and white porcelain and linens, and chippy chairs create the perfect cottage table setting while still maintaining an understated elegance.

Bright yellows and delicious blues, egg cups holding sweet oranges, and a tiny bowl of berries create a brunch setting to admire.

Which setting is your favorite?


Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Fancy Blonde Chihuahua

 Happy Sunday!  :-)

I thought I would take today to share something personal with you, and that is my love for this little creature.

This is Wally.  My husband likes to call him Walter, but his real full name is Wallabee.  
My dad brought him home from an animal shelter for me when I was eighteen.
I instantly fell in love.

One of the best things about him is that he has a snaggletooth that is ever-so-present, all the time.
And a cowlick that never goes away.
He sings when my brother plays guitar and I play the piano -- like, full-on Snoopy style.
And he loves onions.  Especially when they come from the kitchen floor.

Wally has many different outfits, and dresses for all occasions.
His Hot Dog costume and Santa suit are two of his wardrobe staples.
My husband would describe him as "wormy, floppy, and nosey -- always wanting to know what is going on."
And he loves to snuggle -- which makes him special.

Wally once got bitten on the nose by a bug, and his nose never returned to the same color again.
He usually smells bad, even after a bath.
We don't mind, because we know he can't help it.

Speaking of baths, he hates them.
Like, really hates them.
But he likes to be bundled up when it is all over.

I told you he has a snaggletooth.
You thought I was kidding, didn't you?

No piece of furniture is too pristine for Wally to claim for himself.
He's invited to sit on anything...but only when my dad goes to bed.
He is quite spoiled, but seriously, look at that face.

He likes to eat's a fun way to pass the time.
He is so lovable, that when I moved out, my mom couldn't part with him -- so he still lives with my parents.
Wally spends his time rolling on his back waiting for belly rubs and sniffing around for scraps of food anywhere his nose takes him.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inspired Nooks

I love nooks -- book nooks, bed nooks, small office nooks, breakfast name it, I love it.  A nook adds instant comfort to a room, and radiates a feeling of relaxation -- almost beckoning a person to settle in, cozy up, and enjoy a sweet afternoon read or cup of tea.  Nooks 'live' in the midst of a well-planned out room -- effectively upping the cuteness of any space and making it effortlessly luxurious.  

This under-the-stairs nook is completely cozy, with fluffy pillows abound and a side table for keeping a stack of books or a cup of coffee.  I love the reading light, too -- it makes the space that much more inviting!

I think this little bed nook is so lovely.  Next to a window, this spot would be the perfect place to read and daydream.  I love the cut-out shape of this alcove, too -- it adds such a unique quality to the room.  And, of course, a bookshelf full of reading material is strategically placed within reach.  :-)

This miniature desk nook would be the perfect place to do quick work on the computer or sketch.  Layered shelving adds character and implements more room for storage and styling.

I have featured this photo on the blog before, and I just can't get enough of it!  A simple breakfast nook with comfy booth seating set against a window -- it doesn't get any better than this, people!  Add a small amount of built-in shelving, and you've got yourself one of the cutest nooks I ever did see!

Here is another breakfast nook that I think is fabulous!  There is an interesting flow going on here with the right angle from the window seat and the circular nature of the Tulip table.  But it works!  A large drum shade overhead adds instant drama to the space.

I love the rustic-eclectic style of this room, and that window seat just looks so cushy and comfortable!  An incredibly small stool adds quirky scale to the room.

This nook workspace is large enough for two people, but still compact.  The color palette is mainly white with choice pops of bright color brought in with the accessories, books, and office supplies.

Okay, this may be my favorite.  A sweet reading nook, perfect for sipping coffee or reading the morning newspaper.  The jazzy print of the cushion is paired with soft accents that make me swoon!

I love this nook, because it is actually a DIY project from one of my favorite blogs, Thrifty Decor Chick.  Yes, Sarah did this all herself -- isn't it awesome?!

A small wall space nook is used as a creative and poppy sewing station -- I love this!  Great use of a tiny wall, with the perfect-sized furniture to accompany it!

This wall nook is used as a the ultimate kiddo's play space -- filled with toys, collections, and handmade artwork.  The cutesy space is completed with a small ladder to separate the top and bottom areas -- I love this so much!

A small nook is used as a workspace, with a muted color palette and a pop of hot pink.  I love the "pin-spiration" board above -- it adds such a pretty, artsy element that makes this space look utterly chic and complete.

What's your favorite type of nook?  Breakfast, window, reading?  I'd love to hear!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Washi Tape: DIY Date

Hey there, friends!  Happy Friday to you!  I hope you all have had a wonderful week and are gearing up for a great weekend.  :-)

So, All Things Luxurious is going to be participating in something pretty fun once a month, and I'm really excited to share it with you!  :-)  My friend Louise from Laid Off Mom was sweet enough to invite me to party with her for her first monthly DIY Date!  She e-mailed me and some other awesome bloggers a couple of weeks ago and told us about how she has a monthly "craft night" with her friends, and how she wanted to do something like it for the blog!  Each month, she will pick a crafting medium, and it's our job to come up with something creative!  Make sure you keep a look-out on her blog for posts like this one where she sets the due date for the craft and the type of craft we're doing so that you can join in, too!

Louise will be posting all of the projects onto a Pinterest board dedicated to that particular craft, her blog, and her Facebook page.  I'll be sure to update these links on Monday when she posts up -- she's sharing all of the projects on the 23rd, but I'm blogging about my craft today.

So.  Washi tape.  I will tell you, I had a painfully difficult time finding this in any craft store, and I have no idea why.  I will tell you about my horror story in another post -- my experience was actually so bad that I am looking to find some independently owned craft-supply stores in the Scottsdale-Phoenix, Arizona area (so if any of you have any tips, let me know!).  I have been keeping an eye out on Etsy and Pick Your Plum  for washi tapes that I like so that I can stock up -- because using it was so much fun (and so easy).

I ended up finding a very small selection at JoAnne's (like, I had two choices), but thankfully I really liked both so I just had to decide which one I liked better.  I debated for a while over what I was going to decorate with the washi tape, but I decided on a white catch-all tray that I thought was pretty and could use a little sprucing.

The washi tape I chose was pretty cute, and it is Martha Stewart brand.

This project is so simple, it really doesn't even need a tutorial.  I just traced straight lines across the bottom of the tray lightly with pencil and a makeshift ruler (a nail file, of all things), and then I began to layer my tape!  I cut the excess tape by lightly slicing with an Exacto knife at the edges -- this worked really well for me!

I really enjoyed making up my pattern as I went was fun!

And there you have it!  When I finished it, my mom already wanted it, so she put it to use in her living room, holding their crazy amount of remotes.  ;-)

I may Mod Podge the bottom if it seems like it's not holding up, but I think it will be okay for now.  :-)  This project ended up taking about 45 minutes, and the cost was $22.  Not bad!

Have you made any projects with washi tape lately?  Where is your go-to place to buy it?


Update: One of my lovely readers, Erin from 110 + 2 told me about a GREAT washi tape website called Cute Tape.  I have been *loving* perusing the site and looking at all of the beeeautiful tape it has to offer!  Make sure you check it out.  :-) And thanks, Erin!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nancy Meyers Movie Interiors: "The Holiday"

Ahhh, The Holiday.  In our house, this is the first Christmas movie of the season that we play -- usually right after Thanksgiving.  This movie marks the beginning of the Christmas season for me, and once that season is over, I don't watch it again until it comes back!  How many of you love this movie?  And how many of you ooh and ahh over the interiors of both the Los Angeles house, and the Surrey cottage?  :-)

Continuing with our Nancy Meyers mini series, we are going to take a peak inside these two lovely homes today, and I can't wait!

Here is the outside of Amanda's home in California.  I love all of the flowers and the tree coverage, and the welcoming vibe I get from that pretty wreath hanging on the door!

This is the outside of Iris' English cottage. It's so lovely I could cry.  I adore those faint blue window trimmings and door; this home definitely has the charming factor!  ;-)

Amanda's Los Angeles living room -- lots of big, cushy furniture and deep accent colors that warm up the space.  Very contemporary.

Another angle.

Iris's living room -- lush, cozy furniture upholstered in both country and contemporary prints.  I love her tufted ottoman doubling as a coffee table, too!  I dream of having something like that someday.  And can we avoid commenting on how lovely that fireplace is?

Another angle.

Here is Iris's beyond-adorable kitchen.  I love the little eat-in area in the center, and the blue of the cabinets mirrors that of the trim on the outside of her house.  Another fireplace in this space just adds to the sweetness.

I love Amanda's kitchen, too!  Much more modern and angular, but very chic, open, and airy.  I also really like the dark and the light color contrast here.

Amanda's den -- very hip with the whole wall dedicated to DVDs and a television with a large screen.  I love the cozy chairs with the lights coming from the shoulder -- this space is very well-planned.

Here is Iris's version of a den: A little reading nook.  I love this space and could absolutely see myself cozying up in that chair and grabbing a book or two off the shelf.

Iris's bedroom is full of rich color tones, creating such a wonderful cottage-y warmth.  Another fireplace sits inside of this bedroom providing comfort in the cold winter months.

Amanda's room is soft and simple -- and symmetrical.  I like how the bed is perfectly flanked by two huge windows.  The fuzzy rug makes the room look so inviting -- don't you just want to rub your feet on it?

Iris's bathroom is the quintessential cottage bathroom -- so tiny, so rustic, and so sweet.  Check out that tub!

Amanda's bathroom is quite luxurious and spa-like -- something you would find at an incredibly nice resort.  So gorgeous!

Okay...time for the what's-your-favorite-house game!  :-)  Mine would definitely have to be Iris's cozy English cottage...  Now I want to hear yours!


PS: If you want to see my other posts in this Nancy Meyers mini-series, check out these homes, too!