Friday, July 27, 2012

Poppy Neutral Kitchens

Happy Friday, loves!  :-)  I hope this post finds you well, and I wish you a great day heading into the weekend!  Today we're going to take a look at neutral kitchens with *pops* of color.  Of all of the possibilities when it comes to kitchen design, this is probably my favorite, and it is definitely the style that I wish to implement upon my dream kitchen someday.  For now, I just love looking at pictures of my favorite spaces and figuring out what I love about 'em!  

We're startin' out with a bang!  ;-)  Chalky gray cabinets, creamy marble countertops, shine from the hardware and glitzy drum shade lamps -- perfectly styled with some fresh bright flowers.  Love.

I adore this all-white space.  Like, really love.  Subway tile, white marble countertops with gorgeous flecks of gray; neutral accents include baskets and dishes.  Color is brought in with books, flowers, and select dishes.  An effortlessly lovely space!

Here is another all-white kitchen with a gray accent wall by the window.  There are some beautiful shiny elements -- the stand mixer, hardware, and the hanging lantern.  Some lovely gray is brought in by that amazing stove; and color comes from that adorable roman shade as well as delicious-looking produce on the counter.  Warmer tones emanate from the chairs and that amazing flooring.  And don't you just love the built-in shelving by the stove?  *Gah!!*

A white kitchen with chalky gray chairs, interesting textures, and a light pop of glossy green from the pendant lamps.

Ohhh my gosh.  Love this one!  Neutral cabinets, gleaming white counters, and pops of brilliant blue, sweet lime green, and sherbet orange.  SWOON-WORTHY!

This kitchen offers a very subdued, natural color palette -- and I love that!  Subway tile -- yum.  Farmhouse sink -- yes, please!  Color is brought in with purples, slight blues, and warm copper.

A neutral-white and light gray color palette is mixed with lustrous silvers, while color is attained through littered fresh produce.  Beauty!

This color palette is mute, but speaks volumes.  White and gray mingle with both soft and deep blues, vibrant maroon, delightful yellow, and a pop of warmth from the tray.  This reminds me of the Young House Love kitchen!

I love this kitchen.  Whites and blues, that gorgeous farmhouse sink, pops of color from the flowers, and the different hardware that is used -- creating a perfectly imperfect look!

This kitchen is really one of my favorites.  Light cabinets and dark countertops create such an interesting contrast.  Black pops of 'color' as well as tangerine, cheery yellow, and lovable shades of green ground this somewhat masculine space, making it sweet.  :-)

What do you think of this type of design for a kitchen?  Are you a fan? 

Which is your favorite?  



  1. i'm obsessed with big neutral kitchens! they look like the perfect place to cook up a feast. especially love the subway tiles and farmhouse sink on number 6 :)

    1. I'm with you! And subway tiles are awesome, aren't they? My favorite! :-)

  2. love the white cabinets!! So modern yet traditional! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  3. I love the look of all of these. So fresh and airy! I want my kitchen to look and feel like this :)


    1. Me, too! :-) Ours is all dark cabinets and dark granite's pretty, but for my tastes, it needs to be lighter!!

  4. Beautiful pics! I used to hate white cabinets, but they've really grown on me a lot the past couple of years! I especially like when they have kind of a rustic/"aged" look to them... Also very much liking the grey & white colour scheme - great collection :)

    1. I like that too, Kate! Thanks so much for commenting! :-)


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