Saturday, July 14, 2012

Penny Tile Love

Penny tile.  I seriously love it.  Like, when I see it, I go crazy with excitement, and I have this strange urge to pet it (yes, it's sort of creepy).  I can't help it.  Do you have a texture used within design that you get like that about?  Please tell me you do, that I'm not the only one who completely sort of loses her cool when faced with a pretty decorating element.

If you feel this way about something, congratulations -- we can be friends.  But not before we spend a little bit of time this morning ogling over some pretty fab penny tile.  We can ooh and ahh together -- it'll be fun!

Stop it.  Just...stop it.  Already I feel like I'm gonna cry.  Just look at that glitzy, shiny penny tile adding instant glamour to this kitchen.  *Fighting urge to pet the screen*

Prettiness.  I love how this aqua blue penny tile is pretty close to the color of the mirror/cabinetry.  Creates a seamless transition that I luh-huuuve!

And, of course, what would a penny tile post be without featuring this insanely beautiful kitchen from Young House Love?  This space is just so dreamy.  

A bathroom completely surrounded by penny tile.  This?  Would be my happy place.

Hold me.  

Gorgeous-hued penny tile floor?  Don't mind if I do!

Oh, my gosh -- this is what I mean about the texture thing!  Don't you just want to lick pet the screen right now?  Please say yes -- you know it's true.  Don't make me be the only crazy one here...

Whew.  We'll come down from our penny tile high and end with this subtler version of what could possibly be my favorite design element...ever.  Lovely.

What are your thoughts on penny tile?

How many of you did I officially scare away?  ;-)



  1. lol! you definitely didn't scare me away :P When I first started seeing penny tile on HGTV I definitely thoguh it was "just ok," however I will admit it's definitely been growing on me... my favorites are definitely the greys and blues :)

  2. i'm a big fan of penny tile too. i would love to use it one of our bathrooms. the yhl kitchen blows me away every single time.

  3. i LOVE penny tile...especially the soft greys in the bathroom shot. One day when I have a real house, I want that bathroom!
    ki the new format. looks great!


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