Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Patio: A Work In Progress

Hey there, friends!  :-)  Happy Wednesday to you!

Last week, I got the urge to spruce up our patio.  My husband and I have been living in our apartment for over a year, and we had yet to take advantage of the space we have outdoors.  Yes, that means we missed an entire beautiful Arizona Fall, Winter, and Spring -- no dinner or wine on the patio; no parties with extra room to flow to and from; and no morning coffee or blogging out there, either.  Tragic.

The thing is, we did not have the money to spend on anything grandiose out there.  So I told my hubby that I was going to become a lurker on Craigslist (only half kidding) and I started to peruse.  But that night before bed, I remembered that we had an unused card table hiding away in our coat closet.  Waste of space much?  I used to use it as my crafting table, but I have since retired to the dining table because it makes our space look much less cluttered -- I can't work when I am in a cluttered environment!  So, from there, I was on the hunt for chairs.

The first chair I came across that I thought was sorta cute and modern was this one from Target.

Pretty standard, but I liked that it was a greige color.  I looked at other places like Walmart and Lowe's, and each store had the same type of chair in some really fun different colors, but they were all sold out! I decided to get two of these chairs from Target, and, standard Maria behavior, couldn't sleep that night because I was so worried they were going to be gone once I got to the store in the morning!  (Sort of like the night my Anthro table runner kept me up!)  But, to make a patio makeover story that much happier, I bought two of these chairs, and a pretty tablecloth to go over the card table.

Although it is very hot outside right now (and will be for the next several weeks), I have enjoyed a few cool-ish early mornings out here, blogging, checking my e-mail, and drinking my coffee.  Greyson and I also sat out there last night and drank our wine and talked -- very fun.  I'm really looking forward to late September, when we start to have the kind of amazing weather that usually sticks through the late winter months.  Love!

The total cost for this space was $38.  And I love that since I didn't spend a ton of money on any piece of this, it'll be easy to change out next summer if I want to go with a totally different style of tablecloth -- now that I know that these chairs come in so many different colors, I have options.  And I loooove options.  ;-)

For now, you can find me here.


What do you think?

Have you spruced up your patio yet this summer?  Has it even been cool enough for you to sit outside?


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  1. Love the table runner! And yes, this is a hot season in Arizona. My cousin lives in Scottsdale and we always make sure to visit during the Fall/Winter months!

    1. Thanks so much! We live in Scottsdale, too! You're smart to come here in the Fall and Winter months -- it is gorgeous! :-)

    2. So cute, I love sitting outside! We live near Seattle so most of the time if it isn't raining it is cool enough to sit out. I love working outside too! :-) xoxo

    3. Thank you! :-) I can't wait to until the cooler months to spend some time out there!


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