Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nancy Meyers Movie Interiors: "The Holiday"

Ahhh, The Holiday.  In our house, this is the first Christmas movie of the season that we play -- usually right after Thanksgiving.  This movie marks the beginning of the Christmas season for me, and once that season is over, I don't watch it again until it comes back!  How many of you love this movie?  And how many of you ooh and ahh over the interiors of both the Los Angeles house, and the Surrey cottage?  :-)

Continuing with our Nancy Meyers mini series, we are going to take a peak inside these two lovely homes today, and I can't wait!

Here is the outside of Amanda's home in California.  I love all of the flowers and the tree coverage, and the welcoming vibe I get from that pretty wreath hanging on the door!

This is the outside of Iris' English cottage. It's so lovely I could cry.  I adore those faint blue window trimmings and door; this home definitely has the charming factor!  ;-)

Amanda's Los Angeles living room -- lots of big, cushy furniture and deep accent colors that warm up the space.  Very contemporary.

Another angle.

Iris's living room -- lush, cozy furniture upholstered in both country and contemporary prints.  I love her tufted ottoman doubling as a coffee table, too!  I dream of having something like that someday.  And can we avoid commenting on how lovely that fireplace is?

Another angle.

Here is Iris's beyond-adorable kitchen.  I love the little eat-in area in the center, and the blue of the cabinets mirrors that of the trim on the outside of her house.  Another fireplace in this space just adds to the sweetness.

I love Amanda's kitchen, too!  Much more modern and angular, but very chic, open, and airy.  I also really like the dark and the light color contrast here.

Amanda's den -- very hip with the whole wall dedicated to DVDs and a television with a large screen.  I love the cozy chairs with the lights coming from the shoulder -- this space is very well-planned.

Here is Iris's version of a den: A little reading nook.  I love this space and could absolutely see myself cozying up in that chair and grabbing a book or two off the shelf.

Iris's bedroom is full of rich color tones, creating such a wonderful cottage-y warmth.  Another fireplace sits inside of this bedroom providing comfort in the cold winter months.

Amanda's room is soft and simple -- and symmetrical.  I like how the bed is perfectly flanked by two huge windows.  The fuzzy rug makes the room look so inviting -- don't you just want to rub your feet on it?

Iris's bathroom is the quintessential cottage bathroom -- so tiny, so rustic, and so sweet.  Check out that tub!

Amanda's bathroom is quite luxurious and spa-like -- something you would find at an incredibly nice resort.  So gorgeous!

Okay...time for the what's-your-favorite-house game!  :-)  Mine would definitely have to be Iris's cozy English cottage...  Now I want to hear yours!


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  1. Oh, this is my favorite movie! I watch it over and over the entire month of December! This is a tough question because I love both houses. My favorite is probably the cozy English Cottage, but I really think they are both awesome!!

    1. Glad to know someone else obsesses over this movie around Christmastime! ;-) Thanks for commenting, Julia!


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