Saturday, July 7, 2012

Front Doors: The Pretty and the Funky

When it comes to having a home of my own someday (instead of apartment-living!), one thing that I am so excited for is to have a front door that I can decorate.  In my area of town, most new-ish neighborhoods have strict homeowner's rules and most houses look the same.  I am very drawn to older homes made to look fresh and modern (like my Aunts' home in a really neat neighborhood that they changed with a new coat of paint and some TLC), and I love the style of residences in places like Seattle and San Francisco.  To me, a door with a pop of color and a minimal amount of inspiring, sometimes whimsical, accessories to make it look inviting and cozy gives the perfect first impression.

I think the turquoise door is my favorite.  Which is yours?  :-)

love, maria


  1. Cute idea! I love the red, wood and turquoise. So pretty- I hope I have the guts to have a pretty door with a pop of color for my first house. :)


  2. the turquoise door is gorgeous, but to come home everyday to the top entryway...wouldn't that be wonderful?!? beautiful post...and blog :)

  3. oh gosh such beautiful inspiration... I think something covered with vines and roses would be mine... but I think I'll be living in a condo for a good portion of my near life haha

  4. That turquoise one is amazing and a great way to welcome guests. I think the first is my favorite though, the roses are just so inviting.

    Stay in the Lines

    1. I think so, too! I love how they hang over almost like a canopy! :-) Thanks for stopping in!


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