Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five For Friday

This week, I am joining in on the fun over at From My Grey Desk and writing a High Five For Friday post!  Thanks for being the host, Lauren!  You are awesome!  :-)

Here are five of my favorite things from the past week...


1. Getting to snuggle in bed on a Friday and check in with my favorite blogs.  A great way to start the morning.

2. Organizing all of my magazine tear sheets and putting them inside of my very own DIY coffee table book.  

3. Finding a new home for my upholstered bench.  Next week I plan to begin the search for some different fabric -- we're changing up the colors in the living room...finally!

4. An outfit pairing that I loved.  My Damier Louis Vuitton with pretty thrift-store animal-print flats.

5. Neutral nails for summertime.  I don't paint my nails often, so this was a nice change of pace.

Happy Friday!

love, maria


  1. i've been wanting those same target flats forever! so cute :) :) happy friday, girl!

    still being [molly] blog

    1. You know, I actually found them at a thrift shop! :-) $2 shoes -- a steal!!

  2. I love to have painted nails, I just don't like it when they get chipped, and I get really lazy and don't take the nail polish off and repaint them, lol! So I usually just have my plain old nails...

    What a cool idea to create your own DIY coffee table book... that genius :)

    Also, just a side note, since you commented in June, I just wanted to remind you that the June $50 giftcard giveaway is almost over, and June 30th is the last day you can leave any comments on June posts at 1house1couple so you can win. Good luck Maria! And thanks for coming over so often! :)

    hope you have a nice weekend!


    1. Lisha -- I hear ya about the nails. I stumbled upon an awesome blogger (Kate from The Small Things Blog) who wrote about how she bought a Sally Hansen gel manicure set from the drug store and skipped out on the color coat, but made do with the glue coat. One layer of glue coat, one layer immediately of base coat, two-to-three layers of polish, then top coat, and you'll have a manicure that lasts over a week with no chips! I swear by this method! It makes more sense when you actually are looking at the product, too. ;-) And thanks so much! I will have to pop over again and enter! :-)


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