Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Back!

Well, it's been a long, much-needed break, but I am back!

After doing a lot of thinking, and re-evaluating my plan for the future, I am happy to say that I am going back to school to finish up my teaching degree.  I am so happy about this, and I cannot wait!  I thought that I was going to stop blogging, but after really thinking about it, I have realized that maybe I'm limiting myself by only sticking to interior design and decorating.  Which is why I am excited to say that this blog will be turning into a lifestyle blog of sorts.  :-)  I am thrilled!

Tune in later this afternoon for this blog's first lifestyle post.  I am going to be heading up to Tucson later this AM so I really need to get to sleep; but, I am so happy to share with you this journey and I can't wait to start!



  1. how exciting! sounds like a lot of fun changes :)

    Already loving the new blog design!

  2. Glad to see you back. I think that you should just be able to blog about whatever you want. Our blog is mainly set up to talk about our home remodel, but I also like to share other things as well, so I don't think you should limit yourself on anything :) And I'm happy for you that you get to finish up your teaching degree! Congrats :)



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