Saturday, June 16, 2012

What We're Up To: Breakfast For Dinner

My hubby came home last night from work to a pretty apartment with candles lit and all the right ambience...and -- wait for it -- no food.

That's right.  In my excitement of getting the apartment all nice and cozy for us, I forgot that we didn't have much food in our pantry or in the refridge -- just some odds and ends.  When we both decided that we were hungry enough to eat, I walking into the kitchen and started to scrounge.

Frozen chicken?  Freezer burnt.  PB&J?  No J, no thank you.  But eggs -- we had eggs!  And goat cheese!  And two gigantic beautiful portobello mushrooms that somehow hadn't gone bad yet.  We decided upon breakfast for dinner, and when I said to Grey, "Do you want me to make it?" he looked at me and sweetly said, "Honey -- you know that I am the Egg Master."

Let me tell you -- he's right.  I make breakfast a lot of the time; but he is always, always, always in charge of the eggs.  He's just great at it -- they taste better than the restaurant-egg variety every time -- no joke.  So while he started on the eggs, I chopped up the mushrooms and then threw them in a pan of browning butter and garlic powder.

Our goal was to have the mushrooms mixed in with the eggs, but it turned out even better -- they became a delicious side dish, one in which we could decide our perfect egg-to-mushroom ratio on our own.

We ate at our dining room table which was covered with magazine tear sheets for a project I am tackling today, but it was delicious nonetheless.

And what would a breakfast-for-dinner scenario be without cozy mismatched pajamas to simply add to the relaxed feel of the meal?

That's right -- now you know something about me.  I don't match my jammies.  Sorry, we're keepin' it real here.



  1. What an adorable evening! So REAL! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Courtney! We had fun! :-)


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