Monday, May 14, 2012


Hey, there!  :-)

How was your weekend?  I hope all of you who celebrated Mother's Day had a wonderful one!

How many of you love pink rooms?  Or pink accessories and decor?  Or just pink in general?  I, for one, *love it*.  But imagine this -- my dear husband does not share my same affinity for pink!  *Gasp*.  Raise your hand if you're shocked.


I'm needing some pink-infusion in my life today.  Bring on the pink rooms, baby -- we're gettin' pinkalicious!


What color are you loving lately?

love, maria


  1. Light pink fridge=awesome. These days I think I really love bright colors. Especially yellow. I'd totally love to have a yellow kitchen, I think.

  2. I have always loved pink and I find myself adding little bits here and there in our home lately. Wonderful pictures ~ that little pink kitchen is just too cute!!

    1. Pink is just so cheery! :-) Thanks for stopping by, JoAnne! I love your blog!

  3. I'm really in LOVE with all the yellow chairs! I would have never paired pink with a mustard yellow, but it works so well together! Very mad men like! I just might use that color combo somewhere in my house now :) pink is beautiful!


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