Saturday, August 18, 2012

Design Crush: Natural Wood Shelving

Good morning, friends!  Happy Weekend to you.  :-)

I have another design crush for you this AM -- and that is the look of natural wood shelving.  You know, those shelves that we love because they are, well, unpainted.  Which, in this crazy world of grab-a-paint-brush-and-paint-FAST mentality, especially warms my heart when I see it.  Although I am not at all against painting wood, I do very much enjoy seeing interior styling and design where the wood is showcased -- spaces where the wood owns it's...woodiness.  ;-)

Um, two tones of wood -- YES!  We're starting these inspiration photos off with a bang, people!  (Have I mentioned how much I love wood countertops, by the way?  No?  Okay...I'm making a note of that -- another blog post sometime!)

Soft and buttery wood.  I like!

A wood shelving system made for life's perfectly-styled randomness.  Love it!

Warm wood shelving pops against stark white walls.  And they fit into nooks, which makes them even more awesome!  We all know how I feel about nooks.

A modern space with gorgeous, long wood shelving -- perfect for an eclectic array of objects and books.

Um...hello lovely!  Warm tones against the cool colors this kitchen presents.  And genius use of small-ish space, I might add!

There we go with the two-toned wood again!  Love it...

Blonde-ish wood.  I like it, and in this space it is definitely working; but I am more of a dark wood gal, I guess!

Be still my heart -- the most cluttered, glorious wood shelving in all the land.  Get.  Into.  My.  Kitchen. Now.

Again with the nooks.  And the super pretty dark wood.  In a bathroom, no less.  *Drool*.

What do you think?  Are you a natural wood person, or are you dying for me to give you a paint brush?  If so, don't worry -- we can still be friends!  ;-)



  1. You know what's funny, I'm actually planning to put up unpainted wood shelves this weekend!...well, if I can find the time =P I also like using 2 different types of wood finishes together...shows character and adds color. A lot of people dont realize s that, not everything has to be the same wood color in the same's not taboo. Great post lady!! XO

    1. I totally agree! Good luck with your shelves -- I can't wait to hear about them! :-) xx

  2. Natural wood is the best. I'm not against paint but wood naturally has such a beautiful color and patterns that its better left untouched.

    1. I agree! There is just so much character in the natural look! :-)

  3. I have a design crush on those shelves too.

    xo, Courtney


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