Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY Funky Bathroom Tray - Target Dollar Bin Challenge

Good morning!  :-)  Happy happy Monday.

Well, I've been hyping up the beginning of my new series starting on the blog this week, and I'm so excited to bring it to you today!

The Target Dollar Bin Challenge!

All right -- here's how it works!  Bi-monthly, I am going to head on over to my local Tar-jay, peruse the dollar bin section (one of the best parts about Target, if you ask me!), and make something using item(s) that I find in the ever-amazing BINS.  Then, I'll share it with you on the blog, and y'all will get the chance to make it using the same materials because I promise to post the craft up quickly after I do it...that way the products will still be there!  :-)  This idea has been a-brewin' in my head for some time, and I think it's a good way for me to challenge my creativity and come up with crafts on my own, instead of always consulting Pinterest (though I love it).  Obviously, in this day in age, it is hard to be 100% original, so I can't say that my craft idea isn't already out there, but mine will have a bit of a spin because of the source of my materials!  :-)

So, here we go!!

DIY Funky Bathroom Tray

What You'll Need...

Wrapping paper (my pick from the Dollar Bin!) - $2.00
A white frame (this was a 3-pack for $5)

What You'll Do...

This is simple-simple and literally takes five minutes.  For two.  I wasn't fancy about this.  I didn't want to Mod Podge the wrapping paper down because I wanted the freedom to change it up whenever the mood may strike me.  So

1. If your frame has a little stand on the back of it, take that off. 

2. Take out the insert of the frame and roughly use it as a point of reference in tracing your wrapping paper cutout.  I was not meticulous about this since I knew that I was just going to put the back on top of it.  I folded the extra edges in, and put the back of the frame back on.

Done.  As in, finished.

Oh, look -- now there's two!  One for me, one for my mom.

And that's it!  I use mine to hold my perfume, makeup primer, and select jewelry.  Simple, inexpensive ($8), and looks cute!  :-)

There you have it, people!  The first addition to my Target Dollar Bin Challenge!  I have added a tab up at the top of my blog where all of the projects will be located for easy access.  I'm so looking forward to starting this journey with you!  

If you'd like to take part in this challenge, send me an e-mail with your project and pictures and I'll share it on All Things Luxurious!  :-)

I hope you all have an awesome day -- I'm going back to school today after taking a three-year break.  I am so nervous!

Any advice for me for my first day?  Are you doing anything fun this week?  Did you have a good weekend?


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  1. Happy #YOLOMondays, and this DIY is too awesome girl! Thank you, I need to make this ASAP!

  2. Such a cute and easy idea! Adding this to my DIY list :)

    1. Thanks, Vicky! You totally should -- it's so quick!

  3. Girl!
    Love love love this cute DIY!
    I will def have to try this!!!
    Found your blog with the link up - CUTE!!!

  4. great idea! I love target...i wish we had one in new york.

  5. oh! and good luck at school :)

  6. Seriously Love this! Cannot wait to make this and challenge myself!

    Great Blog:)

  7. Love it! I did the same thing but with a frame from the dollar store! Love cheap DIY's!

    1. Ooh -- I love the wrapping paper you used for yours. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for coming by my blog!

  8. So cute! Target dollar bin challenge sounds fun. I will definitely do something soon and email it to you :)

    First day back at school! congrats! I think that would be so fun after taking some time off. I'm sure you have a totally different perspective now :)

    I hope you had fun! I am exhausted because I helped my sister move this weekend, phew!


    1. Yay! I can't wait to see what you come up with! :-) And thanks so much for the support -- it was a great day and I definitely do have a totally new perspective on the whole experience. Moving is totally exhausting -- I hope you have a relaxed week! xx

  9. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Hope your first day back at school went well!

  10. I totally love this idea and HAVE to try this! Thanks for sharing!


  11. This is such a great idea! Thanks so much for coming over to Posed Perfection and leaving me some comment love last week. I hope you had a great first day back to school. Hope your week is awesome.

  12. What a clever catchall! I love the paper you used Maria.

  13. This project turned out great - what a cute idea! Good luck back at school, I hope you had a great first day!

    1. Thank you, Clare!! :-) It was a wonderful first day!


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