Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Love New Furniture!

Hey, there!  :-)

How are you all doing?  Well, my husband and I had a very busy day yesterday.  We updated quite a few things in our apartment, and we made some real progress!  *Happy dance*!  My brother was nice enough to help us with the furniture moving process -- and to lug the boxes from our truck to our apartment.  We had a purple couch that we lovingly donated to my grandmother, and she was so excited about the new addition to her living room.  :-)  We then were off to Ikea to pick up some goodies!

Because we already knew what we were going for, we saved a lot of time by just going straight into the warehouse and grabbing the boxes; then we loaded them up, and carefully drove them home.  It sounds like all of that took a short amount of time, but in reality, it was about a five-hour journey (including time at my grandmother's and lunch!).  By the time we got home, it was already four-thirty!

My brother went home, and Greyson and I decided to work on the sofa.  This was not fun, and there was a lot of lifting, pulling, and pushing -- but we got it all fixed up, and now it looks like this:

It's really the color of dark denim -- this picture almost makes it look a little bit purple.  It's really comfortable and much more modern than the one we had, so we are in love.  Eventually, we are planning on purchasing different legs for it (just $20 at Ikea), but they were out of stock, so we had to leave without them.

Our other purchase at Ikea was a really cool bookshelf.  But my plan was never to use it for books.  My cabinets have been scarily full of serveware and mugs and pitchers and...well...you get the idea.  Just frighteningly full.  I wanted a place to showcase my pretty dishes in an easy-to-access way, and I definitely got it!

This shelf is off to the right of the dining table.  On the other side of the table, I have put a little hutch that I am using for Greyson's grandmom's glassware that she gave to us when we went to New Jersey last month.

I have had this hutch for my entire life, and I do plan on painting it eventually, once I decide on a color.  ;-)  But I'm liking the way this looks for right now.

We made so much progress on our little apartment yesterday, and I am so excited.  Here is the dining area as it stands right now:

Much less hodge-podged than before, I'd have to say.  I'm so happy with it, and we're even looking forward to hosting a game night or small get-together soon to show our new space off!  ;-)  I'm going to take this opportunity to say that I love my husband so much, and he is so patient with me.  Change freaks me out, but he said that he was proud of me for powering through it yesterday and getting everything done in one day.  I'm proud of myself, too!  And I'm proud to have such a handy husband who, thankfully, knows how to put things together, or else I would probably still be sitting in the middle of the bookcase with my head in my hands.  

Thanks so much for letting me share these new updates with you.  We are so excited!  

love, maria


  1. Love the new couch! And the new additions too!

    You sure do have a ton of glassware! :)

    1. Thanks so much! And I know -- it's a sickness, lol. ;-)

  2. Love the square shelving... and your lovely collection of white dishes :)

  3. LOVE!!! You have a great eye. I love your fun dining table seating, as well. Pretty and creative!


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