Monday, April 2, 2012

Kitchen Chalkboards: A Love Affair

I am slightly obsessed with chalkboards.  In the kitchen.  Mmmmmm.  I can't help myself!  There's something so perfect about a little (or big, I'm not picky) space to write down the week's menu, groceries that are needed, or love notes to your husband.  Because that would totally happen if we had a chalkboard in our kitchen -- love notes.  All the time.  I'm serious!  (Honey, are you reading this?)

I've been seeing this so much around blog- and Pinterest-land.  It may be sort of on the trendy side, but the awesome thing about chalkboard paint is that you can, well, just paint over it!  Easy peasy.  So, why not, right?  My sister-in-law and her husband moved into a house with an entire wall in the dining area of the kitchen dedicated to chalkboard fun.  My sweet family members decided that they didn't want the whole wall decked out, but they wanted a large enough space to have fun with!  So, they placed a beautiful border around the part that they did want, and it looks fabulous!  It's such a cool addition to their space, and I love thinking about how fun it will be for their kids someday when they have them -- they will literally get to draw on the wall!  And honestly, what kid doesn't want to draw on the wall, right?

Anyway, here's some awesome chalkboard kitchen inspiration for all of you who have the same design crush this morning as I do.

I want to know what you think:  Chalkboards in the kitchen -- fabulous do, or no-way don't?

We all know how I feel about this subject.  Lol!

love, maria


  1. I've been seeing these all over the place too, and I think they're so neat. My only concern is my poor handwriting. :(

  2. Lovin' your chalkboard. I posted you on my blog swap, but to get your button on the sidebar, please go to passionfruit and add your button. Thanks so much, Lori

  3. I went to hostel a few years ago that had a chalkboard wall. It was awesome 'cause all the visitors were able to write quotes, draw pictures, or leave inspiring messages to future guests! I like the idea of having a chalkboard next to the stove for recipes, but I think I'd get worried about grease stains.

    1. Cool! What a neat addition to a place to stay. :-) I hear ya about the grease stains. I didn't even think of that before! xx


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