Thursday, April 5, 2012

Upholstered Headboards Round-Up

Although I am a fan of our modern bed frame with a rectangular headboard and plain black color, I would be lying if I said that I don't sometimes get the urge to upholster it.  And I honestly think that eventually I will.  Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge has a tutorial inside of her book, Design*Sponge At Home, and I suppose that is where I realized that an upholstered headboard is not something I would have to buy, but is instead something that I could make.  I'm not sure when or if I'll take the plunge into upholstered headboard heaven, but I thought I'd post some beautiful inspiration this afternoon to just get my creative juices flowing.

What do you think of upholstered headboards?

Have you ever attempted to DIY?

love, maria


  1. ooo pretty! I like upholstered headboards, but my husband prefers solid wood - our headboard is pretty cool, so I probably won't ever get to try thins... unless I do it for a child hmmm :)

    1. My husband prefers solid wood, too, but I wonder if I show him these beauties he would change his mind? Lol! ;-) But for a child I love the idea, as well!

  2. luv luv luv them!! I have this fantasy where I can sit up in my bed with a book, and not have to put a ton of pillows behind me. The upholstered headboard also just looks so romantic =)


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