Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kitchens and Built-In Bookshelves: A Round-Up

Most of you know by know that I am obsessed with built-in shelving.  Not only do built-ins create a guaranteed space saver when it comes to storing your beloved books or other fun items, but they really make a home look so custom!  So you can bet that when it comes to kitchens (my favorite room in a house), built-ins only make me love that space even more (if that's even possible!).  I thought I'd do a little round-up for you this morning of some gorgeous kitchen spaces I am ogling that are equipped with some built-in love.  ;-)

Beautiful, yes?  ;-)

Are you as crazy about built-ins as I am?  

love, maria


  1. In the last photo it looks like they may have taken off the cabinet doors to create a bookshelf-ish look. Or they probably designed it that way... but either way, I think bookshelving in kitchens is almost essential. It makes sense to have your cookbooks in proximity instead of having then in a living or bedroom.
    So my list now is: retro fridge, bookshelves in kitchen, and hooks for pots and pans. Good list!

    And good post! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. You are so right! It totally looks like the cabinet doors were taken off! A great way to create that awesome custom look. :-) I like the list you're makin'. So fun! xx

  2. Yes, yes, yes!I especially love the picture from Elle Decor. Really, anything that deals with books interests me. I used to imagine having a room dedicated to books only. You know, the one with a tall rolling ladder and books from floor to ceiling.

    1. That would be amazing! What a great idea! :-) Thanks for stopping by -- I love your blog!


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