Monday, April 2, 2012

April Sponsor Swap

Hi, lovies!

Did you have a wonderful weekend?  I know that we sure did -- my husband and I got to spend a lot of quality time together, which was so great.  Also, my bestest friend was in town, so we got our fill of coffee/lunch/crafting dates in -- we had a lot of fun.  :-)

Just a little update before I post about the amazing blogs I am swapping with for this month -- I am trying to do my Room Imitation posts through Olioboard (do any of you use that site?), but it has been acting up for me.  I am really bummed because I did pay to use it, and it is being very finnicky.  Have any of you tried to use that site and had any luck (or not-so-much)?  Any information would be helpful.  You can e-mail me at maria.e.morley (at) gmail (dot) com, and just put "Olioboard" in the subject.  Thanks so much!

Okay...on to my bloggy friends!  These ladies and I all sponsor-swapped for the month of April!  I check in with all of their blogs daily, and this was an awesome way for me to meet some wonderful women who are in the midst of this life renovation (i.e. blogging adventure) just like me!  I am so proud to be sponsoring (and to be sponsored by) these great people, and I'm excited as ever to share with you my new friends...


Lisha & Kyle from One House One Couple


Hey everyone! We are Kyle and Lisha from One House, One Couple. We bought, fixed, and sold our house for a profit during the recession, and we're finally documenting all our hard work on our blog (mixed with some personal posts about life). Come on over and stay awhile. We love getting new visitors and we hope you get all the DIY inspiration you need! See you soon! ~ Kyle & Lisha - Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Kate from Discover. Create. Live.

Hi guys, I'm Kate over at Discover. Create. Live. I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart Wes, and we have a beautiful little girl Hayden. We love to blog about our family, gluten free cooking, and lots of different projects we do to help beautify our home. In addition, each week I post different printable "graphics" as well as things that inspire me. I love finding new people to interact with, so feel free to check out our blog, and leave a comment so we can check out yours too!

Rachel from Get Neat

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am the owner of Get Neat. Get Neat is a professional organizing company based in the Washington DC metro area (including VA and MD) designed to help people create a balanced life by finding an organizational system that is simple and functional. We would love it if you stopped by and visited our site and blog! Check out our services and blog at; follow us on Twitter @Get_Neat; like us on our Facebook page at; or follow us on Pinterest at Hope to see you soon! :-)

Lori from Bleak to Unique

Hi, my name is Lori and I blog over at Bleak 2 Unique where I love to share ideas about life, craft projects, and all things DIY. We just built a new home, and I can hardly wait to begin the transformation of making it ours...sharing each step with y'all. Stop by anytime!

Brandi from His Shabby Her Chic

My Button

Hi everybody!  I’m Brandi and I blog at His Shabby Her Chic.  I moved into Kevin’s bachelor pad 2 years ago and we’ve been making progress towards making his house our home.  I enjoy all things crafty, décor, and of course love my dogs, Bot & Izzie, beyond all reason.  I also like to think I’m hilarious, but Kevin tells me otherwise.  So join me on my journey of turning this boring old house into a home.

Louise from Laid Off Mom

Hi there! I’m Louise…I’m an Apparel Designer and mother of 2 beautiful girls who was just recently laid off from my company back in July 2011.  When I got the axe, I had two options…One, cry my eyes out, crawl under a rock & find another boss who may/may not lay me off…or Two, wipe my eyes and start a brand new life on my own terms!  I chose the latter, and now I’m “Redesigning Life, Love and Motherhood.”  I don’t know where this blog will take me, but hopefully you’ll come and join me for this amazing journey! 

Laid Off Mom fan page:
Instagram: @laidoffmom

Shannon from Bungalow960


Hello! I'm Shannon and I blog over at Bungalow960. I started Bungalow960 as a place to document the happenings in renovations and improvements in the 1924 American Bungalow that I share with my boyfriend and our two cats, but it has morphed into a place where I share snippets of my life. I hope you'll stop by for a visit!  

Ashley from Attempts at Domestication

Attempts At Domestication

Hey there! My name's Ashley and I'm a newlywed housewife from Richmond, VA. My husband and I met as kids and dated all through college before getting married in April 2011. We love traveling, watching movies, hanging out with our friends, cooking and Star Wars. My blog started as a way to keep my college friends, who are scattered all over the country, up to date on my life, but I've really gotten into the whole DIY blog thing. It keeps me motivated to try new things and to actually make the things I pin on Pinterest. I do posts about my attempts at DIY, crafts, throw in a lot of random stuff about my life and share recipes from time to time too. My husband and I just bought our first home so we are in the process of shifting focus to mainly home decor and DIY. I'd love for you to come check us out and follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Ashley from First Home Dreams

First Home Dreams documents the restoration, renovation, and decoration of a turn of the century brick farmhouse. We're turning our first house into our forever home one shaky step at a time.


Go on over and check out these wonderful blogs!  Cozy up on the couch with an iced tea, and be ready to find a whirlwind of inspiration!

If you are interested in sponsor swapping with me for the month of May, e-mail me at maria.e.morley (at) gmail (dot) com with "May Sponsor Swap" in the subject line -- we'll get a head start!  ;-)

love, maria

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