Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Bathroom Makeover

On Tuesday, I took a trip to HomeGoods in order to find things for our bathroom -- towels, a new shower curtain, a bath get it.  I went to the store with these three inspiration colors in mind, and then I just ran with it!

Fun, right?  And definitely much better than what we started with (which, yes, I will show you in a minute).  I know that these colors are sort of seaside-ish, and I definitely wanted to stay away from any type of theme; but our bathroom seriously needed the lighter colors -- and desperately needed a pulled-together look.

I'll just get to it.  We lived for over a year with a bathroom that looked like this.  (Mom, I'm sorry.)

I know.  It's really bad.  So bad, in fact, that when people would come over to visit, I would *pray* that they wouldn't have to go use that room while they were over.  I mean, of course we would pick it up when we had company -- all the stuff on the side of it was usually gone.  But, you get what I mean.  It was basically a disaster.  

One of the major problems that we have is the fact that our counter space is so limited.  We definitely have figured out that we need two sinks in our bathroom (for the future), and more cabinet space underneath.  Since we are renting, and this is not technically our bathroom, I was limited with what I could do to fix this space up.  But cosmetically, I knew I could make it prettier.  I just knew it.

I bought some storage baskets to put in our cabinet storage underneath (nothing fancy, just HomeGoods finds), and once I cleared everything off the countertops, it already looked better.  Sort of.

Then?  I had to scrub.  (My favorite part.  Not.)  I am telling you this now -- I will never let our bathroom get like that again.  I think that a lot of the mess had to do with the fact that the bathroom was not a happy place, so it was easy to let it go because it was the whole "well it already looks horrible" thought process.  I know.  I'm not proud.  But I am proud now.

We even hung some art -- isn't this kind of fun?

So that's it.  That's the after.  And I am so, so happy.  Sometimes I just go in there to take a peek and smile.  I'm a happy girl.  :-)  And I can tell you one thing -- my hubby and I will never let it get out of hand like it did again.  Ever.  Or I will cry.

What do you think?

love, maria

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