Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Small Space Awesomeness

Apartments are, in general, small-ish spaces.  Our little home is about eight-hundred square feet, and I move furniture around quite often in order to keep things fresh and to try out different configurations.  I find it fun and really therapeutic.  I am tremendously drawn to photographs of small spaces, since that's what my husband and I are living in right now; and I thoroughly enjoy taking a peek at other people's small rooms and garnering inspiration about how they configure their furniture.

This kitchen is narrow and long.  But there is cabinetry going all the way up to the ceiling, all the way around.  Dishes that aren't used as much can go on top, and the pieces that are used daily could be stored on the bottom.  I also love that there are cabinets of all sizes, to accommodate many different measurements.

This small-ish living area uses a sectional sofa to create a cozier feel by surrounding the (amazing) coffee table and producing a more deliberate conversational room.  Love that pink rocking chair, by the way.  ;-)

This closet-above-the-bed idea is actually really chic and functional.  It would definitely take some great organization in order for it to not look thrown together; but I really appreciate this and think that in this room, it is definitely working.

This bedroom is almost dorm-room-style, and I love it.  The built-ins are fabulous, and I love that the desk is integrated into the pull-out drawers.  Great use of space.  Notice those organizational boxes sitting on the floor below for extra storage -- I like.

A Murphy Bed -- the ultimate way to produce a multi-purpose space!

A little built-in desk action, in between cupboards.  I really like this.  The perfect place to schedule appointments, play-dates, and keep track of family things -- a little "command center" of sorts.

Love those built-in shelves on the side of the bed.  (Can you tell I am obsessing over built-ins?)  Now there is no need for a bookshelf in the midst of this compact space!

A place for books on the side of a staircase -- brilliant idea!  Super modern and yet really warm.  :-)

What's your favorite way to get more space out of a small room?  Built-ins?  Murphy beds?  Excessive cabinetry?

love, maria


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