Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Knitting, and Some Awards

Hey there, friends!  :-)

I hope this finds you well, and I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!  I took a little extra time off  for the week, but I am back now and very excited to inform you that All Things Luxurious was presented with two awards last week -- The Yostie Blog Award and The Versatile Blog Award!  I want to thank Lisha and Kyle from One House One Couple and Kym from Free Spirit Eater for thinking of me for these awards, and I want each of you to know that I visit your blogs daily and love the time that I spend there.  :-)  There are requirements for me to fulfill upon winning these awards, so I will be posting about The Versatile Blog Award on Thursday, and The Yostie on Friday!  Thanks again, dearies!  ;-)

I'm happy to report that over the weekend, I also learned to knit!  My bestest friend, Taylor, was in town for Easter, and on Saturday we went to my neighborhood Hobby Lobby and picked out my yarn and needles.  I have been knitting non-stop since then!

All Things Luxurious also worked with a client on Monday who needed some organizational help, and today I bought some goodies for a bathroom makeover that I am going to be starting (and hopefully finishing!) tomorrow!  :-)  Very excited about that -- you'll see that our bathroom is definitely in need of some help!

I'll catch ya back here tomorrow, m'dears!  Thanks for stickin' with me on my little break!

love, maria


  1. I am so happy that you're SO into knitting. 'Tis a dream come true. I can't wait to see your progress when I visit next!


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