Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chaise Longue Perfection

There is something about a chaise longue that just makes me happy.  Whether patterned or plain, I can't seem to get enough of these babies!  Ideal for reading, relaxing, and just being pure awesome, the truth is -- a room can't go wrong with a chaise.  :-)

Check out this amazing, luxuriously brownish-gray chaise in a lovely, modern-country home.  I love the addition of the neutral pillow with spews of a deep yellow and green color; as well as the almost-blinding white lamp next to the chaise itself, which nearly blends into the wall behind it.  Superb style.

This patterned chaise just can't help but make the onlooker smile.  I love how the pink is such an intense color choice, but it is subdued to precisely the right level by the throw pillows.  The pillows each offer their own variation of the color of the chaise.  The patterns work in an absolutely lovely way.

Now this is the epitome of a luxurious antique-y chaise.  The snow white color is absolutely precious, and I love the tiny, almost dollhouse-like bolster pillow on the left side.  So sweet and innocent.  Perfect in both traditional and modern decors -- I picture this either in an English-inspired country home, or as a unique surprise in a more voguish style.

This chaise, to me, doesn't scream "comfort," but it does showcase incredible style.  The design is timid, yet structured; and I love the way that it is positioned in the room -- jutting out from the wall, not necessarily an additive to the furniture already in the space.  A quiet area to relax and read, possibly set away from the conventional conversation area.  A true "nook" all on its own.

The perfect addition to a nursery or playroom, I love this giraffe-like print on this chaise longue.  The yummy, barely-green pillow creates an even cozier look.  With closer observation, I can see that this piece of furniture is on wheels -- utterly brilliant!  I love the idea of being able to easily move this piece around the room or housed entirely different with little-to-no frustration.

Do you have a favorite style of chaise longue?  Victorian, modern, country?

How about patterns?  Do you prefer a plain-upholstered chaise with luxurious fabric, or are you a lover of the printed variety?

Love, Maria


  1. Goodness these are beautiful. I am certainly not very picky about lounges, but then I don't think I've ever seen an ugly one. Gorgeous picks, though - I'd be delighted to have any one of these in my apartment!

    1. I agree -- I am hard-pressed to find one that I don't instantly find attractive! ;-) Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Hey There, I really want the giraffe lounge chair for my sons room, can you tell me where i can buy one from? Thanks, K

    1. Hi, there! I have been looking all morning for that chair, and I can't seem to find it. It could be that the photo it is in is an older picture, and that chair is no longer being sold. There are some great alternatives, though, if you go to Google Shopping and type in "Giraffe Print Chaise." Hope that helps!


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