Friday, March 9, 2012

Flower Arrangements: Oh, How I Love Them

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How's it goin'?  Did you all have a good sleep?  I tossed and turned again last night -- can you believe it? But I finally was able to drift off to dreamland, and I've gotta say that I enjoyed it.  I'm not a person who enjoys sleeping -- I find it boring and I will often make a comment to my husband like: "Sleep is a waste of my life!"  At that point he looks at me with the most confused expression on his face and says, "Put down the computer/craft/magazine/decorating book and go to sleep!"  Because we all know how incredibly pleasant I am when I got no sleep.  Not.

Anyway, this morning I thought we could talk about flower arrangements and my lack of knowledge about different types of flowers.  Or maybe we'll just skip that last part and focus on the prettiness of different arrangements and ogle over them.  Sound good?  ;-)

My love of flower arrangements (or at least when I started paying attention to them) began when I was planning my wedding.  I was blessed enough to have a mom and dad who gave me the incredible gift of an amazing wedding planner (seriously, I don't know what I would have done without Cara and Aleasha from A Day to Cherish Weddings), but when it came to my vision for the wedding itself, I had a pretty set idea of how I wanted it to look.  Vintage and rustic, with a lot of DIY elements to warm up the event and make it have that wonderful essence of a personal touch.  But when it came to the flowers?  I had no idea.

I remember walking into the office of Renee Wendell of Wendell Design Group Florist and being completely overwhelmed with the types of flowers I wanted for my wedding -- this was one very important element that I didn't really have laid out in my head.  It was weird.  I was such a control-freak about everything else, but the flowers?  Not really.

I came to the meeting with a handful of inspiration pictures, and from those examples, Renee began to show me flowers that either were the same or looked like the photos I had brought in.  It was a Fall wedding, but I love yellow; I wanted to implement yellow into the flowers in a warm way so as not to make it look Spring-ish, but instead, almost cozy.  We decided upon a mustard-yellow hue, and that was when my vision for the flowers was born.  Wildflowers, curly willow, and peonies were the showcasing flowers that I chose, and on the day of the wedding, I was absolutely in love with how the arrangements turned out.

These pictures never fail to make me smile.  ;-)

As far as other flower arrangements go, I'm a lover of anything bright, neutral, or oddly unique.

This basic look of a single or just-a-few flowers in these milky vases is so lovely and simple.  Understated, yet beautiful in its effortlessness.

I love flowers in mason jars, which is why that was what we used for vases for the majority of our wedding flowers!  These cutesy color groupings of flowers is fantastic, and the addition of the raffia tied around the neck of the jars? Precious.

Check out my sister-in-law's amazing bouquet arrangement.  For her wedding, she went with a glamourous, New York-esque theme, and the intricateness of her flower arrangements were both stunning and complimentary.

The warm hues of these flowers look antique-y and charming.  I love the mix of different textures and also the yellowing leaves -- such a small touch that gently enhances the other colors.

What is your favorite type of flower?

What sort of style {did you/would you} want to implement into your own wedding?

Love, Maria

P.S. - Our wedding photography was done by the coolest people in the world, Radiant Photography.  Check them out!

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