Thursday, March 22, 2012

Design Surprises

I am a huge fan of quirky design.  If there is something unexpected or surprising in a room, it instantly makes me feel more at home, and more at ease.  I don't know why -- it's just something that I love.  :-)  People who are daring with design and throw in those quirks garner a lot of respect from me -- it takes imagination and boldness to want to make a room a bit eccentric!

Check out these curvy bookshelves.  I love how the ones on the right are of the 'normal' variety, but to the left?  Those definitely have character.  The top shelves on the right are also pretty interesting with the diagonal cubbies.  Love it!  :-)

A funky monkey sits atop a mantel of sorts amongst beautiful Spring-like decor.  A cutesy little additive that instantly makes the on-looker smile.

Instead of an actual mirror above the bathroom sink, this one is drawn on with chalk.  Imagine the luxury of changing the shape of your bathroom "mirror" any time you want!  ;-)  A glass with toothbrushes and a bar of soap are also drawn onto this space -- a lovely, quirky touch.

A suitcase bookshelf wall.  Interesting, different, and imaginative -- I absolutely love this idea.  The best part about it is that these suitcases look totally vintage. I love that!  :-)

One sink with two spouts.  Just utilitarian enough to downplay the other feminine elements in this bathroom!

Carved wood on a staircase.  Possibly not the most quirky of touches, but doesn't it add such a lovely texture to such a simple space?

A bed with a cardboard base.  I think this is just the neatest idea!  And the addition of the drawers underneath provides both functional storage and a funky element to this bed frame.

A giant lamp looks both silly and utterly cool in this living room, creating the illusion that every piece of furniture is smaller than it actually is.

How do you feel about inviting some funkiness into your home?

Do you have anything quirky that you love about a room that you have decorated?

love, maria


  1. I love funkiness. I am always inspired by color because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I really like Chicano art and middle eastern influences!

    1. I'm inspired by color, too -- something about a room full of color just makes me so happy! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the powder room with the drawn mirror! So quirky and chic, which is absolutely my style!


    1. I know, isn't that just so much fun?! Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

  3. Such awesome ideas. I actually made a bed where half of the part holding it up was made of cardboard but it definitely didn't look all cool and modern like that (it was more for function than form).

    I LOVE the suitcase shelves!

    Not sure about the chalk board mirror (only because then there's no actual mirror, lol!).


    1. Lisha, that is so cool! And I hear ya about the chalkboard mirror -- would definitely be difficult to see yourself. Lol!


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