Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Rooms

If there is one thing that I wish our apartment had, that would definitely be a garden.  We have a small patio where we could plant things (and plan to in the near future!); but in terms of a real garden escape -- we don't have anything like that!

There are so many gorgeous garden rooms all over Pinterest and other blogs that I follow, and these photos give me great ideas for my own garden space that I will have someday.  ;-)  For now, we'll stick with what we've got -- rosemary, and an abundance of succulents.  Easy-peasy.

This is a tiny space, but it is surely well-used.  Don't you just want to curl up on that chair and read a good book?  I love the little console table which is filled to the brim with plants and potted flowers. And the excess plants and pottery on the floor beneath it reads quaint and informal to me.

If an outdoor space has a chandelier, I always almost instantly love it.  I can't help myself -- it's just such a whimsical touch!  Doesn't this setting make you think of a vintage tea party?

The designer behind this space truly created a room of sorts.  With the addition of a chest of drawers and standalone shutters to create the look of an indoor space looking outdoors, this is the ultimate garden room.  I also love the mismatched chairs around the table -- similar shape, but altogether different.

This little area's boxed in, almost with a canopy of leaves as its roof.  You can't get much more magical than this setting.  :-)

This little house is filled with green goodness.  It looks so bright in the midst of all of the emerald hues -- nestled perfectly in the forest.

A simple retreat, this is an area that would be easy to recreate in a small space (like my apartment's patio!).  I love the simple white table adorned with plants and vintage vases.

An archway leads into this home's garden room -- a design with the best rustic feel and a lovely, private escape.  I love how the wood from the arch and the chairs seems to match!

Do you have a garden room at your home?

What are your favorite things to plant?

love, maria

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