Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stonewashed (Linen) Fabrics

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How's your afternoon treating you?  I am very tired, that's really all I have to say about mine.  I'm trying to just power through the day so that I can get to sleep like a normal person tonight (i.e. not stay up all night puttering around the house), but my hubby and I are taking a little road trip to Tucson to have dinner, so it'll probably be late by the time I get home.  Oh, well -- I've just gotta put my game face on and claim tonight's victory as soon as I can: sleep!  ;-)

How many of you like stonewashed fabrics?  Why?  For me, fabrics that have almost that worn-in feel make me see the design as cozy -- like a well-loved article of clothing that always makes it into your suitcase; or a delicious pair of linen pants that are just oh-so-perfect for summertime wear.  I cannot get enough of this type of fabric, and I think that I have always had a love affair with linen because of its utter simplicity and beauty.

This chocolate-y goodness is an Italian linen that would be perfect for both clothing and home decor projects.  I could see this fabric as being the base of an upholstered bench in a foyer, teamed with cream-patterned throw pillows and a pair of Hunter boots at its side.

A lovely stonewashed print that could surely be bolder in a different color choice, this fabric is the epitome of neutral patterned style.  I love the repetitive nature of this print and the parallel stripes this fabric showcases.  A couple of throw pillows would be my go-to DIY project with this fabric.

Luxurious aqua leaves patterned onto a linen fabric, this, to me, says whimsical.  It is dainty, yet a stunning print leaving little to be desired; and I love the varying shapes of the leaves, which add an imperfect perfection to the fabric itself.  Ideal for an ottoman or accented seat cushions.

There is something that I find to be very French about neutral stripes on a linen fabric.  The parallel nature of this print, to me, is not cold but instead elegant and calming.  Serene.  I picture this fabric in a bathroom -- drapery, upholstered onto the seat of a vintage chair... The possibilities are endless.

This citrine and ivory patterned fabric can be used in both modern and the most classic of rooms.  I see this fabric as incredibly versatile -- moreso than the others, in my opinion.  This would be an incredible accent fabric for furniture -- throw pillows, chair bases -- but imagine this fabric pleated into beautiful, luscious curtains.  It would add an entirely new, bolder element to a room -- a statement room, more or less.

While we're on the subject of the beauty of stonewashed fabric, it would be wrong for me not to comment on the other amazing things that can be done with this lovely additive element.

Do you have any stonewashed fabrics in your home?

What's your favorite handmade craft formed from linen?

Love, Maria

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