Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Etsy Showcase

Good morning!

How are you all doing this AM?  I've gotta admit -- I didn't get any sleep.  Yes, you heard me right -- nada.  I tossed, I turned, my eyelids fluttered.  And finally I gave up, shot out of bed, and made a pot of coffee.  We'll see how long I last today.  My sleep schedule is so messed up because of our trip to New Jersey; hopefully I can get it back to normal soon!  Anyone have any good tips for jet-lag?

Today marks the first Wednesday of our new event: Wednesday Etsy Showcase.  Each Wednesday, I will be choosing an Etsy shop that I want to put on display.  I feel like this will spread awareness about my favorite artists on this amazing site!  :-)

This Week's Shop: everyeskimo

Everyeskimo features handmade items, vintage finds, and letterpress.  The shop is located in Royal Oak, Michigan, and the owner goes by the name of Regina.  This shop has one-hundred percent positive feedback!  It opened in September of 2008, and has made almost 2,500 sales.  Paypal or money orders are accepted, and the shop does ship internationally.

For amazing vintage finds, please find your way over to everyeskimo!

Love, Maria

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