Saturday, March 10, 2012

Future Plans: Guest Blog Posts

Good morning, friends!  And happy Saturday to you.  :-)

How did you all sleep?  I wasn't very relaxed last night when I tried to hit the hay, but I eventually drifted off into dreamland and even managed to sleep in this AM!  Not a usual thing for me, I might add!  I was busy last night reading two amazing books that I have bought within the past month: Decorate and Design*Sponge At Home.  Both of these books are filled with amazing photography and brilliant lessons to be learned about decorating and furnishing your home -- so much more than a coffee table book.  I would recommend both without question!

Starting next Saturday, we are going to be beginning a new weekend event where I have a guest blogger posting for me.  The topics will range across anything home and garden related, and I think that'll give the blog a nice, easy, and relaxed feel while we all lounge around on our weekends.  :-)  Next week I will be featuring Lisha and Kyle Yost from One House One Couple.  This awesome duo also happens to be sponsoring my blog for the month of March, and All Things Luxurious is sponsoring them, too!  :-)  We're just one big, happy family -- lol.


I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day.  I will be posting once more this morning, and then it will be off to the marvelous world of cleaning and organizing for me -- my apartment desperately needs the attention!

love, maria


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