Monday, March 12, 2012

Architecture Adoration

Something I love to look at but don't know much about is architecture.  I love to look at a home, assess what I like about it (or don't like, in some cases), and figure out why.  To like or dislike the way a place is built is such a personal viewpoint -- we all appreciate different things; this is why custom home building is such a luxury -- to be able to dream up a space and actually put that dream into action is an amazing gift.

I love that the living room opens up to the pool area, almost with a sliding or folding door of sorts.  This creates a beautiful view whether the door is open or closed.

This home is so unique.  It almost reminds me of a birdhouse -- do you see it, too?  That tiny balcony is simply sweet, and creates an easy way to communicate with the patio.

I love how two separate areas are connected in this home.  An easy and beautiful way to get from A to B -- especially in the rain or snow!  ;-)

I find this home to be almost Dutch-looking!  It reminds me of some of the homes that my Aunt has shown me around where she lives in the Netherlands.

Entire walls made up of windows -- something I am incredibly in awe of but wouldn't necessarily want.  This is definitely a modern home, and I love the look of the sharp angles and glass-house-esque appeal.

Another very modern home.  This time, a contrast -- nestled into the woods.

I love the layered look of this home exterior.  Upon entering, you will seemingly walk through many connecting hallways to get to your destination: the door.

Doesn't this home give the illusion that it is set upon a bridge?  I love that you have to travel upward in order to enter!

Do you have a favorite style of home?  Tell me what it is!

Which of these homes would you want to live in?

love, maria


  1. I love the second to last picture- the one in the dark. It looks so warm and inviting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- did you get to try making the muffins? So healthy!

    1. Holly, I love that one, too! It definitely looks like the perfect place to cozy up! And no, I haven't been able to try those yet, but don't you worry -- I SO will. ;-) They are on my radar! Thanks so much for stopping in.

  2. Wow! These houses are so amazingly beautiful. If I were to choose from among them, I'd probably be confronted with a problem - which one to let go? LOL

    I just love them. :)

  3. I love architecture too. We had an architecture segment in one of the art classes I took in college. It was pretty cool. I have always loves the crasftsman style bungalow and I hope to one day live in one :)

    1. How cool! I'll bet that class was really interesting! Thanks for sharing, Lisha!


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