Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fabulous Fireplace Roundup

When it comes to fireplaces, I am a huge, raging fan.  Sadly, our apartment did not come equipped with one.  :-(  I would so love a mantel to decorate, a place to sit on a chilly night in the winter months, and the ability to make a fireplace the focal point of my living room.  My husband tends to think that fireplaces are wasted space (in a small apartment, no less); but I have and will forever maintain my love for them.

I love that this non-working fireplace is painted white amidst dark walls and is clearly for decorative purposes only.  The white accents atop the mantle mixed with the wooden variety create a warm design.

A fireplace filled to the brim with books.  A quirky and interesting touch to a room, making the fireplace and the giant mirror above it the true focal point.

A beautiful mantelscape with fresh Spring flowers and other decor sits atop a lovely white fireplace with a decorative metal grate.  Seemingly vintage-inspired.

Straight lines abound.  This fireplace, with its sea-blue-gray sheen, would look perfect inside of a luxurious beach cottage.

A traditional, antique-looking fireplace is given a modern look with the decor and furniture surrounding it.  Truly stylish.

Here, a dark fireplace is subdued enough that it allows other colors to take center stage, but also makes a bold statement amidst the girly attributes of this room.

A predominantly white room is warmed up by the piled logs inside of this wide-mouthed fireplace.  The perfect look for a cabin home.  :-)

A couple of my sister-in-law's wedding photos showcase my mother-in-law's decorated mantle in the background.  Candelabras and two giant overlapping mirrors create a beautiful backdrop.

And again.  ;-)

Do you have a fireplace in your home?

Does your mantelscape change with the seasons?

love, maria


  1. I love love love the fireplace with all the books...the slate/turq blue with that red chair really compliments one another.

    We have a brick fireplace in our living room that we painted white and just recently, we finished the mantel, it made a huge difference...

    I dunno, but there's something about a mantel that is so romantic! If I could pick, I'd want a mantel like the one in the first picture...that to me, screams european/parisian =)

    1. I love your fireplace! It is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


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