Saturday, March 17, 2012

How To Sew a Pillow Cover For Beginners: A Guest Blog Post

Good morning, friends!  :-)  Happy Saturday (and St. Patrick's Day) to you!

Today, Lisha from One House One Couple is our guest blogger, and she's got a great tutorial for you all -- the perfect, easy weekend project!  Take it away, Lisha...

Hey everyone, I'm Lisha from 1house1couple. Maria was kind enough to invite me over to do a guest post here at All Things Luxurious, and I am super excited to share one of my latest home projects with you. I just did this a couple days ago so it’s fresh in my mind.

Now to forewarn you, I am not a decorator. I’m definitely more comfortable with a hammer in my hand than a sewing machine. I’m also really frugal, so I tend to purchase the bare minimum for furnishings and décor in my house. Most things that I decorate my home with I simply find somewhere, or it was given to me. But lately I’ve been getting an itch to do a little revamping and add a little more spice and color to our home. So I decided to cover our couch pillows with a fun fabric:

Old couch pillow:

Fun Fabric:

Here’s a shot up close so you can see the design:

First I measured the length of the pillow, from one seam to the other side.

Then I measured where I wanted my sewing to go on the fabric:

And I sewed it inside out, because that’s how you sew things, of course:

I’ve only used a sewing machine like 3 times in my life. I know. Can you believe it? But it’s true. And my friend was here to help me thread it and get it all ready for me, so I was able to start it and I was pretty successful for the first few lines of sewing. But I did get a bunch of up thread at one point:

But I just turned the corner and just kept going anyway, and it worked out okay:

I don’t have any pictures of the big fiasco I had in my pillow cover sewing adventure. This was after I
took the bobbin out to check to see if I was getting low on thread in the bobbin, which I wasn’t, so I put
it back in. When I continued sewing the upper thread kept breaking. I tried to call my friend, but she was busy at work, and I called my husband (the seamster in our marriage) and we tried to troubleshoot it for a while, with no luck. So I went online to see if there were any video tutorials for setting up a sewing machine. And it turns out, I didn’t know that the bobbin had to click and set. I was just placing it in the bobbin area without pushing it in and making sure it clicked. Boy, do I feel lame.

So once that was properly set I finished with flying colors. I sewed three sides (plus a tiny bit by the
corners on the 4th side) and then I put it around the pillow to make sure it was going to fit:

It fit perfectly, so I went back to the sewing machine to sew the 4th side and I realized that I’m too
lazy, so I simply covered the pillow and tucked in the extra fabric! Walla! No one will ever know the

Plus, if I ever wanted to wash the cover it would be easy to take it off the pillow, wash it, and put it back on.

Here’s a close up of the finished product:

I’m pretty proud of myself because my pillows turned out quite well. I covered two pillows with that
fabric. My husband came home and inspected my work and he said I did a good job. Yay me!

So, now that I know how the bobbin works I won’t be so afraid to sew next time. What do you think of
the pillows? The pretty fabric really makes the room feel more fun and less drab than it did before.

I want to thank Maria for allowing me to steal her blog for the day. You all can come and visit us any time at 1house1couple!

Love this tutorial, thanks so much for sharing with us today, Lisha!  Now head on over to her blog and check it out!  :-)  Have a safe day and evening, lovies!   I will catch you back here tomorrow.  ;-)

love, maria


  1. I find it really amazing that more people are starting to sew! And Lisha's tutorial is very easy to follow. If you can add one interesting piece in a room, without spending too much, it's a homemade pillow. Great Job Ladies!

    There's an easy way to sew up all the sides of a pillow, and still have an opening so you can remove it...I showed a bit of it on my pinterest challenge pillows...if you want me to show you, let me know...I'll go into more detail...very easy 2 do!

    1. Louise, e-mail me, okay? My e-mail is maria.e.morley(at)gmail(dot)com. We can set something up.


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