Monday, March 19, 2012

Paris, My Sweet: A Book Review

Good morning!  :-)  And Happy Monday to you.

It is so cold this AM!  I am loving it!  I am sitting in our living room in my summertime pajamas with the windows open, and I am freezing my buns off!  I should probably at least go grab a sweatshirt or something, but I am enjoying the chilly air too much.  ;-)

Last week I was wandering around Barnes and Noble and came across the cutest-looking book cover.

For a girl (me) who loves anything pink and yellow, how could I not pick up this memoir?  I instantly fell in love with the premise: A New York writer (Amy Thomas) working in advertising is offered a job writing for Louis Vuitton in Paris!  She loves sweets -- and she writes about them all!  She travels to all of the different bakeries and chocolatiers in both New York and Paris, and her decadent experience is all written out in these three-hundred luxurious pages.  :-)  Did I mention that I finished this book in less than twenty-four hours?

Amy writes about bonbons, cupcakes, cocoa, macarons, crumbles, chocolate chip cookies, madeleines, muffins, and French toast -- and the neatest thing is that she compares all of these lovelies between New  York and Paris!  It's fun, it's tooth-achingly sweet, and I loved every minute!  

Some of the places that Amy discusses in her book...

Angelina, Paris

Eric Kayser, Paris

Magnolia Bakery -- West Village, New York

Pastis -- Meatpacking District, New York

Sweet Revenge -- West Village, NY

I recommend this book to anyone who loves sweets, chick-lit, and travel literature.  I love all three of these things, so this memoir was a perfect fit for my tastes! 

Happy reading!

love, maria


  1. Hi Maria,

    Sounds like a fun book! Can't believe how fast you read it!

    I love your blog design btw :)


    1. I can't believe I read it so fast, either! I was totally sucked in, though, hehe! ;-) And thanks so much!

  2. oooh!! that is right up my alley! Paris?...would LOVE to live there someday...sweets?..hello, Mrs. Chocoholic right here!! hehe I will def. put it on my to-read list!

    1. I know, right?! I feel the same way! ;-) I think you would love it!


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