Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trend: Paisley!

Hello, there!

Wow, I have posted a lot today!  ;-)  My hubby has gone on to Tucson this evening, and I am home, sick with the flu.  Yes, the disgusting stomach-body-head ailment that makes for all-around discomfort.  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better, but in the meantime, I thought that adding a little paisley into my night would make me smile.  I'm a sucker for all things paisley.

Paisley is Indian in origin, and holds a lot of history -- whether it be on rugs or other textiles, it seems that this pattern just can't help but peak in its popularity from time to time.  "In-style" or not, I am a consistent fan of paisley and enjoy the ornate nature in its designs and the luxurious existence of its patterns.  I am drawn in by it, and to me, a room with a touch of paisley instantly feels that much warmer, that much more delicious.

What is your favorite way to use paisley pattern?  Home decor?  Fashion?

If you have at least one item in your home that is paisley, I want to know about it!  Share!  :-)

Love, Maria


  1. I love paisley! I like to have one pillow paisley, and then match it with another two pillows with similar colors, but different patterns.

    good post :)


  2. I love when fabrics mix with each other -- different patterns make me fall in love! Thanks for commenting!


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